Softwave Therapy is a non-invasive approach for promoting  healing in injured areas. It employs the delivery of highly effective  shock waves to initiate cellular-level biological regeneration  processes. This technology administers short, frequent, and  intense bursts of mechanical energy (shockwaves) into soft tissue  that may be injured, scarred, have adhesions, or is experiencing  pain or inflammation. 

Mechanotransduction Mechanism with 3 Phases:


Generates a substantial positive pressure wave

succeeded by a negative pressure wave.


Mechanical stimulus triggers biochemical reactions, leading to the release of biomolecules and activation of cell signaling.


Initiates angiogenesis, modulates inflammation, and stimulates tissue regeneration.

The angiogenic effect of shockwave treatment is widely documented in shockwave science. Induction of vessel sprouting has been observed in various tissues, including wounds, bone, muscle, heart, and skin.

Therapeutic Effects of SoftWave Therapy

Increases blood supply

Modulates inflammation

Stimulates and activates stem cells

Repairs and regenerates tissue

Reduces acute and chronic pain